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Virtual Blood Banking
A 7-Year Experience

K.F. Wong MD, Angela M.Y. Kwan
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1309/13CUJ61YRB50B1CT 124-128 First published online: 1 July 2005


The operating theater blood transaction system (OTBTS) is a virtual blood banking system that allows computer crossmatch–compatible blood ordering and delivery in the operating theater remote from the hospital blood bank. It was developed and implemented our hospital in 1997 and was expanded in 2002 to include an unmatched blood module that allows ordering and issuing unmatched RBCs for intraoperative transfusion. During the past 7 years, the system has handled 6,333 crossmatch requests for intraoperative transfusion and issued 20,073 units of RBCs, including 100 units of unmatched RBCs (group 72 units; group-identical, 28 units). The OTBTS has proven to be efficient (with a turnaround time for blood ordering and issuing <30 seconds), effective (with a reduced crossmatch/transfusion ratio and blood wastage), and error free (no delay or error in transfusion or postponement of operation). Furthermore, our experience with the unmatched blood module has attested to the safety and efficacy of computer-controlled, online ordering and real-time, on-site delivery of unmatched RBCs for emergency transfusion.

Key Words:
  • Virtual blood bank
  • Computer crossmatch
  • Operation theater blood transaction system
  • Compatible blood
  • Unmatched blood
  • Intraoperative transfusion