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Cylindroma (Dermal Analog Tumor) of the Breast
A Comparison With Cylindroma of the Skin and Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Breast

Jorge Albores-Saavedra MD, Steven Cooper Heard MD, Bernadette McLaren MD, Hideko Kamino MD, Agnieszka K. Witkiewicz MD
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1309/CRWUA3K0MPQHQC4W 866-873 First published online: 1 June 2005


We compared 4 breast cylindromas with 50 dermal cylindromas and 8 adenoid cystic breast carcinomas. Except for a modest increase in the number of eccrine ducts and reactive Langerhans cells in dermal cylindromas, breast and dermal cylindromas showed identical histologic and immunohistochemical features. Both were characterized by epithelial islands containing central basaloid cells and peripheral myoepithelial cells surrounded by a thickened, continuous, periodic acid–Schiff–positive basement membrane that was immunoreactive for collagen IV. Clusters of sebaceous cells and a few eccrine ducts are described in breast cylindromas. Cytokeratin 7 labeled predominantly the central basaloid cells, and smooth muscle actin stained peripheral myoepithelial cells in breast and dermal cylindromas. Eccrine ducts were highlighted by epithelial membrane antigen and carcinoembryonic antigen. S-100 protein and CD1a showed a variable number of dendritic Langerhans cells. Cylindromas of the breast and skin did not express cytokeratin 20, gross cystic disease fluid protein 15, or estrogen or progesterone receptor. Breast cylindroma might be confused with the solid variant of adenoid cystic carcinoma, especially in needle core biopsy specimens, because they share nodular and trabecular patterns, basaloid cells, myoepithelial cells, eccrine ducts, and hyaline globules of basement membrane material. However, adenoid cystic carcinoma displays an infiltrative growth pattern, cytologic atypia, and mitotic figures and lacks the continuous, thickened basement membrane.

Key Words:
  • Cylindroma of breast
  • Cylindroma of skin
  • Eccrine ducts
  • Sebaceous cells
  • Adenoid cystic carcinoma